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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 4, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good night from washington, sean hannity awaits in new york. for your viewing pleasure. >> sean: do you have a board that tells you which time you have gone over for the year? >> tucker: and i cannot believe that i am doing this. >> sean: no, you're not. this is like fake news. it's fake math. it is just not true. >> tucker: i am not a math major, i will agree. >> sean: welcome to "hannity," we have more news than is possible in an hour, starting with a serious note as we get back from vacation and labor day, the future of the country is at stake, 63 days it is all in your hands, a decision that could not be any more stark, america is at a crossroads right now, we will explain all of this tonight. do we continue the path of economic success, peace through strength, the empowerment of the forgotten men and women? or is your future going to be decided by a bunch of extreme
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far left democrats that once socialism and there comes back and raise your taxes and observe the bureaucratic status quote and impeach your president? the one you voted for. don't take my word for it, we have exclusive video of democratic leader chuck schumer saying that the democrats want to impeach trump in 2019, plus we will show you how other senate democrats absolutely were unhinged today at the kavanaugh hearing and they turned it into a circus. we will also bring your breaking new developments, you will not get anywhere, bruce ohr, christopher steele, and yes, a connection a robert mueller and robert mueller's pit bull, andrew weissman. in other words, it is like one big long was chain of connections. and we have a story that will make your blood boil, warrior colin kaepernick is now the brand-new face of a nike ad campaign. so sit tight, buckle up. it is time for tonight's breaking news opening monologue.
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it is one of the most important decisions that a sitting president can make. and that is the nomination of a u.s. supreme court justice that can shape this country for generations and decades to come. and senate hearings for judge kavanaugh are now underway. he is a strong, constitutional candidate and an originalist a long, serious intellectual track record as a federal judge. he deserves a deliberate to robust hearing, but sadly, as we predicted on the show, senate democrats are making a mockery out of what has been a very important process. and what is a coordinated show, a political grandstanding, democrats tried and failed to stall the hearing just seconds into the senate judiciary chairman's grassley's opening statement. we have the videotape and it gets worse, take a look. >> i welcome everyone to the confirmation hearing on the nomination -- >> mr. chairman --
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>> -- to serve as associate justice -- >> mr. chairman, i would like to be recognized to ask a question before we proceed. the committee received just last night less than 15 hours ago -- >> regular order. >> -- 42,000 documents that we have not had an opportunity to review, or read or analyze. >> you are out of order, i will proceed. >> we cannot possibly move forward, mr. chairman. >> i extend a warm welcome to mr. kavanaugh, to his wife ashley, their two daughters. >> mr. chairman, we would like it, my colleague senator harris, mr. chairman, we received 42,000 documents that we have not been able to review last night. and we believe that this hearing should be postponed. >> i know it is an exciting day for all of you here. >> mr. chairman, if we cannot be recognized i moved to adjourn. >> the american people --
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>> mr. chairman, i move to adjourn. >> sean: this is what happened, 44 interruptions from democrats, and make no mistake, as nbc news reports it was all a coordinated effort from the democrats that has nothing to do a documents requests in an effort to be transparent, hundreds of thousands of kavanaugh-related documents have all been provided to the senate for review. now, more than doubled the amount that was provided during the confirmation of justice elena kagan, in fact, the national review pointed out, more documents have been provided than the last five nominees to the supreme court combined. and still, these coordinated attempts to disrupt the hearing were bolstered by the democrats friends protesting in the audience. it was all staged. even nbc news recognize that. take a look. >> mr. chairman, i moved to adjourn the hearing. >> this is a travesty of
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justice, and we will not hold back. we should adjourn the hearing. >> this a supreme court confirmation hearing, my democratic colleagues, actually -- >> we have said for a long period of time that we were going to proceed on this very day. and i think we ought to give the american people the opportunity to hear whether judge kavanaugh should be on the supreme court or not. >> sean: now we learn from nbc news that this has all been coordinated in a conference call that took place over the labor day holiday. chuck schumer led the call. at one point the atmosphere in the hearing is so chaotic, so absolutely unhinged by the left that kavanaugh's daughters were rushed out of the room. of course these kinds of disruptive tactics is nothing
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new, sarah sanders, secretary nielsen run out of restaurants, ivanka trump harassed on an airplane, and betsy devos chased down a street, florida attorney general pam bondi threatened with physical violence just to name a few. one republican senator even referred to the hearing as being overwhelmed by mob rule. this is what is at stake in 63 days, take a look. >> i have not been in as many confirmation hearings as some of my colleagues, but this is the first confirmation hearing for a supreme court justice that i've seen basically according to mob rule. >> sean: all of this over who is a well-qualified judge with an incredible and impeccable record, and remember that judges must be confirmed based on the ginsberg standard, 1993, ruth bader ginsburg's confirmation making the case that no impartial judge should ever answer how they would rule on any hypothetical case ever. and instead, justices must be confirmed based on their
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merit, their background, their experience, their education. sadly that is not going to stop the left's obstruction. remember democrats, all of the things they did to obstruct a guy by the name of robert bork nominated by ronald reagan. he was never confirmed, in large part because of the fearmongering the outright lying and smearing from mr. character himself, senator ted chappaquiddick kennedy, you might remember this. >> robert bork's america is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens doors in midnight raids, and school children could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists will be centered at government. >> sean: just a total and complete liar, and what they did to judge bork was so egregious it inspired a new term, borking
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years later, borking was in full play during the confirmation hearings of clarence thomas. remember back in 1991, democrats do the same old routine. they rolled out a former colleague anita hill, who made sexual harassment allegations against him. the process was so vicious and so nasty, so awful that justice thomas called it a high-tech lynching. take a look. >> this is a circus. it is a national disgrace. and from my standpoint as a black american, as far as i'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for deputy blacks who in any way deigned to think for themselves, to do for themselves. to have different ideas. and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order,
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this is what will happen to you. you will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the u.s., u.s. senate, rather than hung from a tree. >> sean: wow. as we speak, the democrats all-out effort to bork judge kavanaugh is in full swing. unfolding before your eyes, now democrats can do little more than just interrupt hearings and play to their constituents ahead of mid-term elections. and as you can see, the presidency of donald trump is literally causing the left wing in this country to become more unhinged every day. all common decency thrown to the wind. kids escorted from the hearing and democrats desperately trying to get back their power. this was all orchestrated. and we have warned you many times obstructing the confirmation of judge kavanaugh is only one part of their agenda. should they get back power in 63 days, they want open borders, eliminating i.c.e., raise your taxes, they want their crimes -- crumbs back. they want an end to all the
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investigations into their friends with the biggest abuse of power in our history, the deep state. they want to impeach the president. they want to keep obamacare. and don't take my word for it, let's listen to what the most powerful democrat in the senate chuck schumer was caught on tape saying over the weekend. take a look at this. >> that is not answering the question. >> you hear what the republicans are saying, the democrats -- >> sean: sooner then we possibly can, chuck schumer had a busy labor day weekend too. he wasn't calling for trump's impeachment on the streets of new york he was with nancy pelosi. according to politico they were having a fancy soiree in the beautiful hamptons of long island. he spotted with many in the hollywood and media elite, oprah winfrey, george papadopoulos, katie couric, and so many others, not a smelly trump supporter or an irredeemable deplorable or somebody who
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clings to their god gun bible and religion. nobody in sight. how else do you celebrate a holiday for american workers out in the hamptons with your favorite actors and so-called news hosts. i guess my invitation got lost in the mail. but it shows how incestuous mainstream media, the democrats really are, and let it be a clear warning, democrats do not have any positive agenda to improve the lives for you. the american people. we smelly walmart people. in less than two years, president trump has ushered in a new era of success. look at the side of your screen. 4 million new jobs, for a million people off of food stamps. thousands of new manufacturing jobs, hundreds of thousands, jobs that obama said would never come back. unemployment claiming a 50 year low. but pelosi, schumer, every democrat running for office, they want to risk it all because of their overwhelming hatred of the president and their desire for power. this obsessive desire to see
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trump fail shared by so many of their friends in news in the mainstream media, clearly acting as a propaganda arm of the democratic party. we have shown you for months the media goes from crisis to crisis to crisis and what is their effort to take down the president a you all elected. that is succeeding. you might remember some of these moments. take a look. >> is there a difference at the president said [bleep] hole [bleep] house. >> do you think these countries are [bleep] holes? >> donald trump has turned the office into a [bleep] hole. >> with the presidents [bleep] pole comments a few days ago. >> [bleep], [bleep], [bleep] whole country. >> the white house briefing expected to begin any moment now. they will be expected to face questions about the stormy daniels crisis. >> the stormy saga taking a turn
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as a porn star speaks out on her alleged affair with citizen trump. >> we have not heard from him about the stormy daniels affair. >> given the events of today, likely impeachment, i'm not saying it is high, necessarily, but impeach. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> impeachment. >> the president is clearly guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. he should resign his office or be impeached. >> sean: we even have more obsessive coverage to bring you, a brand-new book, bob woodward filled with speculation, rumors, hearsay and hundreds of anonymous people, anonymous painting the trump presidency in a very negative light. many are flat out denying the claims made in the book. let's see, including defense secretary mattis, the chief of staff john kelly, let's see, eight stars between them, john dowd, the attorney for the president and many others. mainstream media cannot get enough, obsession to obsession, issue, issue, issue. never focus on success at all. >> bob woodward's book called "fear, trump in the white house."
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paints a disturbing picture. the new book about president trump. >> bob woodward's book. >> bob woodward. >> bob wood ward. >> it is a bob woodward book. >> explosive new details about the tromping white house today uncovered by veteran journalists bob woodward. >> widely anticipated book, the product of bob woodward. >> bob woodward. >> bob woodward wrote this book. >> more on that blockbuster new reporting from bob woodward -- >> bob woodward's new book. >> sean: and while the abusively biased crisis to crisis media runs with wall-to-wall coverage of a book filled with salacious rumors, anonymous sources, they are totally ignoring what is the biggest scandal in america political history, tonight the plot thickens around bruce ohr and his efforts to spread christopher steele's clinton
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bought and paid for phony, dirty, russian dossier throughout the entire highest levels of the government and lying to you, the american people. catherine herridge not only reporting that the bruce ohr remained a close relationship with christopher steele, but also fed the steele dossier. let's see, to andrew weissmann, remember, weissman is robert mueller's top deputy. "the new york times" called him robert mueller's pit bull if you recall. and in a case against anderson, remember his aggressive prosecution tactics, tens of thousands of your fellow americans lost their jobs, a conviction overturned 9-0. it's hard to lose 9-0 in a supreme court. weissman responsible for the imprisonment of four merrill lynch executives for a year. overturned also by the circuit court of appeals. he was excoriated by a judge for withholding exculpatory evidence. and you have bruce ohr, once the fourth highest ranking official in the doj, feeding the dirty russian dossier to the man that
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would then go on to be mueller's pitbull. and remember the exchanges between steele and bruce ohr. oh, i'm afraid. what if we're exposed. i hope the firewall holds. oh, and yeah, did the special counsel get your messages? so was andrew weissmann colluding? was he conspiring? why didn't robert mueller tell the american people about the context with ohr and christopher steele, and why do we have to figure it out? catherine herridge did and we also know that and unearthed handwritten note from ohr after the election, let's see, listing peter strzok, lisa page, and other fbi agent, reading no prosecution yet, push the case ahead on m, which is manafort, go back to chris, which is steele. and that's what they believe it means, paul manafort is m, christopher steele is christopher steele. at the center of the entire
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government case against what is what we're unfolding here. taxes and et cetera, finally tonight, one sign, the mueller investigation could be drawing to a right. dosh -- to a close. we will will talk to jay sekulow. the special counsel will respect written answers from president trump to some questions regarding the russia probe, we will ask him his attorney jay sekulow about that in a few moments, but joining us now, it is now the number one best-selling book in the country, the russian hoax, the elicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news contributor sara carter. welcome both of you. i want to get to the mueller issue, let's get to the latest news. so christopher steele and bruce ohr are communicating some 70 communications, sara, between the two of them and we have to fear that steele will be exposed, the desire to keep the firewall up, and he exposes that he expects ohr to deliver messages to robert mueller's team and now we find out that
10:18 pm
andrew weissmann was the one getting the messages. in other words, steele's lies. steele's unverified russian, hillary clinton bought and paid for lies being fed to andrew weissman and we never knew about it until now? >> now it makes sense, when we go back to the story, remember april 11th, 2017, he set up, weissmann set up a meeting with the ap. remember that that was all a day before the ap broke their big story on manafort. and because of that meeting, the fbi actually reported, reported that problem to the doj, and said that andrew weissmann set up a meeting with the ap to share information against our wishes and we are afraid that he is going to tear down our case. now the ap said they never shared anything with weissman and that weissman denies sharing anything with the ap but now it makes sense. he was being fed information by
10:19 pm
bruce ohr the whole time and he was moving steele's information, possibly to mueller. i mean, we don't know that yet, it's alleged. but remember it was only a month after that meeting with the ap that he was appointed to the special counsel and became robert mueller's right-hand guy. >> sean: but ohr is getting messages from steele about steele asking ohr to push his information, never verified, never -- to the special counsel. let me get gregg in. andrew weissmann. >> andrew weissmann is like the detective who frames a suspect and appoints himself the investigator to determine whether the suspect he framed committed crimes. >> sean: how can you ever trust the mueller investigation? >> you can't. >> it appoints a guy, loses 9-0 in the supreme court, excoriated by the judge, holding exculpatory evidence, putting innocent people in jail, that is overturned. 9-0, fifth circuit court of appeals, how does he get a job with robert mueller's office?
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>> he should not have had the job. mueller should have asked a lot of questions and didn't of peter strzok and andrew weissman. you have strzok who tainted the evidence, you have weissmann who tainted the evidence, you have a team of partisans appointed by mueller who refused to recuse himself, not to mention his boss that has the a discounted interest. this is the most corrupt and tainted investigation of my lifetime and i am 63 years old, and it goes beyond my lifetime. >> sean: sara has a much better career ahead of herself. let me ask this, mueller said that he might accept written answers. let me go to gregg on the legal side of it first. >> this is a victory for president trump's legal team, but it is a vindication of the rule of law that there was no legal basis for questioning the president about exercising his constitutional authority. there is no legal justification for asking them questions about
10:21 pm
a noncrime called collusion. so i think that mueller concluded the obvious, that ties -- i slap him with a subpoena, the president will file a motion to quash, and i, robert mueller, will lose in the federal courts. if the brilliance of being able to answer questions that are written as one, you can object to them and declined to answer certain ones that are inappropriate, it seems that if they want to present questions, they can. you can carefully craft your answers to avoid the perjury trap. >> sean: would you recommend that he does it? that the president and the legal team answer this? >> i would answer the first question about so-called collusion as, i don't know anything about collaborating -- >> sean: i do not think that they should do anything for the mueller team. nothing for the team. >> i would answer and say that i do not know anything about it period. and after they ask follow-up, same answer as before. >> sean: sara, seriously, knowing all we know when the fact that nobody gets in trouble, the lies that were
10:22 pm
presented, the fraud on the fisa court, hillary is fixed investigation, so many unanswered questions, starting the whole investigation, set up from the beginning. the highest levels of power being corrupt, i do not think that they should do a thing. >> i do not think that they should do a thing either, sean. and i think this is going to be an explosive week. there is a lot of information i'm hearing from capitol hill, information that will come out this week. remember that we are still looking for the 20 pages that the house intelligence committee has asked on the fisa warrant, that should be coming out. at least that's what i'm hearing. and there is a lot of information, exculpatory information that will come out. i think the president should hold tight. >> sean: how soon? >> i think it will be within days. >> sean: when sara says that, it usually means it is coming, good to see you both. we have jam-packed lineup tonight, when we come back the president's attorney jay sekulow, also tonight alan dershowitz, andy mccarthy, jesse, jessica, colin kaepernick
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>> the antidote to our problems in this country when it comes to judges and politics is not to deny you a place on the supreme court. this is exactly who you need to be. this is exactly the time that you need to be there. and i'm telling president trump you do some things that drive me crazy. you do some great things. you have never done anything better in my view than to pick gorsuch and kavanaugh, because you had an opportunity to put well-qualified conservatives on the courts, men steeped in the rule of law who apply analysis, not politics to the decision-making and you knocked it out of the park. and to my friends on the other
10:28 pm
side, you can't lose the election and pick judges. if you want to pick judges, you better win. >> sean: obama used to tell us that, lindsey graham hammering democrats for their outrageous behavior at today's hearing. also breaking news tonight, "the new york times" reporting that robert mueller will accept written answers from the president. does this mean the investigation will come to the end, ever, nearly 500 day is coming here to weigh in on all of this is the president's attorney, also the chief counsel for the senator for law and justice, jay sekulow who has done legal work for me in the past and we had broke bread together. and talked once about sports. good to see you. how are you? >> hey, sean, good. >> sean: you argued before the supreme court personally what, 12 times? >> yes. >> sean: the aclj 20 times? >> yep.
10:29 pm
>> sean: any won most of your cases, right? >> we have been very fortunate, i am blessed in that regard, you do not win them all, but an overwhelming majority, and if you include the others that you mention, number of cases that have been summarily reversed. we have a good track record. but i've also won these cases unanimously, a number of them unanimously. it depends on the nature of the case, but the president made two great picks, neil gorsuch, terminus judge, now justice, brett kavanaugh who i have known for a long time is brilliant. he has been a great judge. if you want to know anything about brett kavanaugh, read the 312 opinions. that may be a good way to start. so you saw theatrics today in the senate, but at the end of the day, guess what happens? judge kavanaugh will be just as kavanaugh as confirmed for the supreme court of the united states and the president gave a great selection with both of the justices. reshaping the courts literally for decades with a conservative judicial philosophy. lindsey graham said it, that
10:30 pm
elections have consequences. and here the selection of brett kavanaugh is probably the most qualified -- >> sean: really sad. >> judge out there for this decision. >> sean: the two young girls that had to watch their dad go through that process. nearly said it, i was really careful. let me move on. >> brett kavanaugh's opening statement, sean, i thought that brett kavanaugh's opening statement and what the president tweeted about what is going on in the senate kind of summed it up. are the senators really going to tangle with brett kavanaugh? because let me tell you won that one. brett kavanaugh. >> sean: it is interesting to watch, "new york times" headline, mueller will accept some written answers for president trump, a week since you and your legal team responded to the special counsel. some were wondering if there was going to be a fight, if they would subpoena the president marks still happen. tell us what you can about what this means -- i know that there's only so much you can say. >> i have to be very careful, so i will tell you this.
10:31 pm
we have an ongoing dialogue with the office of special counsel. myself and our colleagues have continued an ongoing dialogue. that dialogue continues. i'm not going to discuss the contents of what has been agreed to or not agreed to. but i will tell you this, i am not concerned about the president of the united states responding if we decide to accept the proposition of responding to written questions. responding to questions about the russia and interference with the election. the president's committed, no underlying crime that the president was involved in. i'm not concerned about where that goes. and they ask questions and we think they are appropriate, we would respond. we have not even responded to the special counsel -- >> sean: but why does counsel -- the white house counsel spent 30 hours testifying before -- which to me is mind-blowing. but it seems to me in fact if don mcgahn gave them 30 hours and if the president went in and
10:32 pm
said one thing contradictory to what mcgahn said, that sets him up for a perjury trap. >> well, you are jumping way ahead to that of the discussion to what happens if there was an interview or not an interview. but what you said was very important. this white house has been the most transparent in history when it comes to investigations or inquiries like this. you mention don mcgahn's 30 hours of testimony. hours of testimony. there has been 30 other testimonies that the white house put forward to testify, 1.4 million pages of documents that have gone forward, so the idea that the special counsel has not been given access to information i think they would readily admit that this has been a transparent investigation and transparent inquiry. there is all of this media's been going on about what was said or not said, but let me tell you this, the president of the united states authorize the legal team, the white house counsel and his private lawyers to engage this in a transparent basis. this has been done. this does need to come to an end.
10:33 pm
everybody in the country wants it to come to an end. i do not give dates and times. he needs to happen sooner than later, but what happen at the end of the day, a process of negotiation that is ongoing. i'm not going to disclose the nature of. that but there's been a lot of speculation in the media today. i will tell you this much, look at what has happened so far and what the number of documents than the number of witnesses that have gone forward. >> sean: do we have to worry about what john dowd has said publicly on this network? or say what we reported about andrew weissmann and back channel information from ohr, christopher steele, and text messaging and communications that show that christopher steele was trying to funnel information? to the special counsel? >> well, my former colleague john dowd denied the reports that came in regarding the excerpts of the book that were released regarding a purported meeting that he had and i had
10:34 pm
regarding, basically a reenactment of any conversation that never took place. and john said that that was not correct. that it did not happen. it did not happen. with regard to the other issues that you brought up, the irregularities in this inquiry from the offsets including the beginning of it which is the dossier issue that starts the whole thing, of course that is an issue. i could give you a whole list. we do not have time for that again. all of that's relevant to the nature and scope of this inquiry and it's just resolution. at the end of the day, i am convinced that we are going to get it there. we will end it soon, but i do not give dates, but i will tell you this, i am not worried about questions on russia. >> sean: okay, jay sekulow. it will be interesting if this becomes, if you will, james comey 2, weeks before the election. thank you for being with us. when we come back, powerful analysis, alan dershowitz, andy mccarthy, and colin kaepernick, now the face of nike. just do it? let's remind you about colin kaepernick, jesse and jessica straight ahead. you about colin kaepernick, ♪
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>> sean: joining us now with more reaction, tonight's huge breaking news, his book is incredible, "the case against impeaching trump," alan dershowitz, fox news contributor andy mccarthy, mueller will accept some written answers from trump, professor dershowitz. >> well i think it is an attempt to achieve a compromise. the written answers will be vetted by his lawyers and president trump is not going to be allowed to just go off on a tangent and state his opinions on the state of the world. he's going to be answering yes, no, i don't remember and lawyer-like answers. that seems like a perfectly reasonable resolution. but if they ask him in writing, what was your motive when he fired comey? he has every right to say, none of your business, executive privilege, article two. you have no right to probe my state of mind when i engage in a constitutionally protected act.
10:40 pm
>> sean: the idea that we try to criminalize thoughts has always bothered me in, hate crimes, legislations, in the case of james byrd, that was a big case in 2000, george bush supported the death penalty for the people that committed the evil atrocity. they did not support the hate crimes. it didn't make sense to me. andy, is it a bad idea or a good compromise for the white house to give written answers? most lawyers have been saying anything else is a perjury trap and this, some are saying, could even be a perjury trap. >> well, sean, it could be, but the president has good lawyers. and what professor dershowitz has laid out is as good advice as there could be, the answer to the questions from an inferior executive official about what the chief executive's motivations for in carrying out the constitutional prerogative's article two. if that is the answer that the president gives, than i do not see the jeopardy for him. >> sean: what is the point -- if
10:41 pm
don mcgahn gives 30 hours to the special counsel and i think this is the point that rudy made that the media was all over, the truth is not necessarily the truth, but if there is a different recollection, then the special counsel will be the one that decides what the truth is. and we kind of know that the subpoena that they put together is predisposed to hating trump, they will believe don mcgahn no matter what was said. >> there is not a single experienced criminal lawyer who would not agree with the thrust of what giuliani said. they would put it differently. but they would have said the same thing. that is even if you say something that is absolutely the truth and you pass a lie detector test and you get some sleazy flip witness who has been threatened with his family going to jail unless he composes or sings, nonetheless, you can be charged with lying if they have one witness who contradicts what you said. and that is why when he said the
10:42 pm
truth is not the truth, that is essentially what he meant. and every criminal defense lawyer and prosecutor who is honest and experienced will tell you the same thing. that's why people don't go and speak to prosecutors. ask martha stewart what happened when she did? >> sean: such a good point, this is a sad commentary, because my family was law enforcement, my mom was a prison guard, new york city cops, two guys dating, i have fbi friends that they never talk to the fbi. and i'm like why not? i want to help them. that would be my natural instinct. if you ever do any of say something that turns out to be wrong, bad recollection, look at general flynn, look at george papadopoulos. professor dershowitz has said, we are criminalizing political differences. sometimes you don't honestly remember something and you can now be charged with a crime of lying to the fbi.
10:43 pm
so my friends in the fbi say never talk to the fbi. that is ridiculous to me that we now live in that circumstance. >> well, sean, i think that in 99% of the cases cooperating with the fbi is a perfectly fine idea, what you have here is a case where not only because you have an impeachment overlay, but just the nature of the investigation, the politics is really overwhelmed the law and it makes it an eccentric and different kind of case. >> sean: professor, your answer to the question? >> if you want to cooperate with the fbi, do it through your lawyer. do not speak to them directly. tell your lawyer what you think. then your lawyer can honestly relate what you told him to the fbi. that avoids any possible -- >> sean: don't you think it is sad, professor that we are at that point? it is sad to me. >> we should not have a statue like 1001 that makes it a crime
10:44 pm
for anybody to lie to the fbi. you should have to swear under oath on a bible before you can be charged with perjury. because a vast majority of americans do not know that. do not know that if you tell a traffic cop i was speeding because my wife is pregnant, and i was taking my kid back from a soccer game and it isn't true, you committed a crime. the oath is very important. and it should be a prerequisite for a perjury. >> sean: that is well said. andy seems to disagree. >> no problem cooperating with the fbi as long as your lawyer is alan dershowitz. [laughter] >> sean: my instinct is to help the fbi, 99% of them protect and serve us. good to see you both. when we come back, "hannity" monologue, nike making colin kaepernick the new face of the company, tomi lahren asking people in california what they think. also reaction, jesse, jessica, whose world? we'll find out. straight ahead. so we just bought the home of our dreams.
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♪ >> sean: opening weekend nfl is around the corner, but saturday is my football day, colin kaepernick back in the news, did not make the roster of any pro team. he had three bad years before that. nike is making him of the face of a new ad campaign, that is the subject of tonight's mini monologue. former nfl quarterback colin kaepernick, not new to controversy, he frequently used the nfl as a public platform against police brutality and in an ongoing oppression of minorities in the country, he famously refused to stand for the national anthem leading others on the field to do the same.
10:50 pm
look at the socks that he wore with police officers depicted as pigs. he wore it in practice. even don a t-shirt featuring cuban dictator fidel castro during a game against the miami dolphins, nike is now using kaepernick to headline their new ad campaign and the words you see on your screen say "believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything." i'd like to take a moment to remind mikey representatives that sack fiegs everythirificins not mean a multimillionaire social justice warrior whose greatest feat of victory is kneeling on a football field and wearing no socks against our police officers. those who sacrifice everything can be found on the ground in afghanistan as we speak. u.s. soldiers fighting and dying to keep this country safe. fighting for a cause bigger than themselves. they can be found in the bravery and courage of men and women that protect and serve police, firemen, first responders that run towards danger when we all run away. and they can also be found in graveyards all around the world
10:51 pm
from normandy, to the pacific, from vietnam to korea. all across the united states, millions of men and women who have really sacrificed everything for strangers they did not even know. so the world, this country, could be a better, safer, freer place. there are plenty of heroes in this country that nike could feature, but fidel castro loving america, cop hating, ex-backup quarterback is not one of them. this week and we spent tomi lahren out to see what californians thought about nike's new ad. take a look. >> are you familiar with a gentleman named colin kaepernick. >> he is a basketball player, right? >> do you know who colin kaepernick is? >> i have no idea. i do not watch television. i would not watch this. >> nike has announced colin kaepernick the new face, did they make a good choice? >> yes, because he legitimately does protest in a good way. >> do you think they made a good choice?
10:52 pm
>> talk to me in a month when the stock goes down. >> i respect what he does. i think that everybody should have the choice whether they want to stand up or not. >> i personally do not agree with that type of protest, but if nike chooses him and they think that he has the best one, then so be it. >> do you think it is smart for businesses to stop with the politics? >> to mind, yes, but it is where do you draw the line? >> sean: i set it last season, for me, i do not support boycotts, saturday is my football day. i'm just sick and tired of it. too many men fought, bled, died under that flag, it should be one thing that unites the whole country, joining us now, jessica tarlov, cohost of "the five" you get two shows and "watters' world," his world or hers, we will find out, i cannot get over the cops as pigs socks and the way that he has depicted all police officers.
10:53 pm
castro. castro was a brutal murdering dictator thug. really? this is nike's let's do it. >> there is a lot more to colin kaepernick than sartorial decisions. >> sean: misjudged? maybe purposefully donned, let's say that. >> did the socks fall on his foot? >> you're hilarious. >> sean: just fell on me. >> there is a lot more to what colin kaepernick has done to drawing attention to racial injustice. that is what this is about and why nike has him. >> sean: fire departments and police that serve and protect us, do they deserve better than that? >> better than the socks or the protest? because the socks and the protests are different things. >> he didn't draw attention to the social justice cause since he draw attention to himself because that's all anybody is talking about. and the only reason that nike did this is because most of their sales come from countries outside of america, so they are playing to the anti-american market and how liberals really
10:54 pm
didn't like nike when they set up the sweat shops in asia. now they love them because they're in bed with kaepernick. if they really cared about social justice they should set up sweat factories on the southside, in ferguson, baltimore, something like that. >> sean: was colin kaepernick a good quarterback in the last three years? >> last year he got 1-11, and that's why you started kneeling, and the fake news media made him into a martyr. >> that is a horrible thing to say. >> he cannot create a defense and is not that great. >> my turn. nike made a decision about supporting someone who has been integral in servicing social -- integral in starting a social justice movement. i am not a football fan, but -- >> you like soccer more than football, don't you? admit it. >> in 2017 colin kaepernick was a top 50 best seller. nike has a history -- why are you laughing? these are facts. >> sean: because i am laughing. >> yes he thinks he is funny too. nike has a history of doing
10:55 pm
this, they supported michael jordan, for instance when air jordan was banned. >> and what did jordan say? republicans by sneakers too. >> what does that have to do with anything? >> sean: hold on. not even close, 100-0. jesse's world. >> the next generation that nike is going after -- >> sean: this is outrageous, that's next. good to see you both. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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♪ >> sean: on friday, funeral was held for the legendary singer aretha franklin, and among the musical icons and political figures there to pay tribute to the queen of soul was former president bill clinton, and nation of islam leader louis farrakhan. they were given seats front and center on stage. they even greeted each other. following the funeral many have asked why would bill clinton former president agree to share
11:00 pm
the stage with a racist like that? there's no explanation and no excuse for that. that's all the time we have left this evening, we are not the destroy trump media. we are fair, balanced and different. we will remain so with your help. let not your heart be troubled. how was your holiday? >> laura: it was great. >> sean: i can't hear anything. >> laura: he can't hear anything i'm saying. >> sean: i can hear you now. >> laura: the worst thing is coming back after a long weekend and you enter the lion's den of what should be a sober process of a judiciary hearing and it's just a total, ridiculous theater that i'm going to address on my angle. >> sean: and look at those kids of soon to be justice kavanaugh. why do his kids have to be subject to that planned, or orchestrated b.s.? >> laura: imagine if that happened and that she was on the he


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